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Marked Card Deck

Hidden marks on the back of these cards enable the magician to accomplish a variety of magic tricks.

Item # BT-0268

Price: $2.50

Blank Card Deck

A deck of ordinary cards that change to blank on both sides at the magicians command and change back.

Item # BT-0266

Price: $2.50

Tapered Card Deck

Classic stripper deck allows the magician to instantly locate a selected card.

Item # BT-0267

Price: $2.50

Almost Impromptu Rising Card

This invisible gimmick allows you to perform rising card tricks.

Item # HR-0009

Price: $6.00

Svengali Deck With Book Combo

Svengali deck included. Paperback. 40 pages. Easy to do. Requires no skill.

Item # LF-0224

Price: $7.50

Ghost Disc

A spectators chosen card magically appears as a ghostly image on the surface of the glass disc.

Item # 39-0019

Price: $18.00

Magic Psychic Wallet

The name of a predicted card appears in this wallet. Three routines included.

Item # JW-0027

Price: $5.00

The Casino Card Deck

A magician cuts to a series of aces and then goes on to other amusing miracles.

Item # CK-0026

Price: $12.00

Card Box With Book Combo

Fully illustrated book of 25 tricks with a magnetic card box included.

Item # GD-0022

Price: $12.00

Wild Card

Identical cards all change to match the wild card.

Item # HH-0002

Price: $6.00

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