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Ugly Bag - Female

Everyone knew they existed... be the first on your block to show yours off!

Item # 41-0014

Price: $2.50


It's a reusable can cooler.. not what YOU were thinking!

Item # WE-0001

Price: $5.00

Mental Floss

Clean your mind with this deluxe flossing kit!

Item # DC-0067

Price: $5.00

Survival Kit Cigarette

An emergency smoke.

Item # AG-0001

Price: $2.50

Personal Retirement Income Program

Planning a party for your favorite new retiree? Give this hilarious gag gift which includes everything you need to sell pencils on a street corner!

Item # NL-0020

Price: $9.00

Over The Hill Parking Permit

One official looking "over the hill" parking permit. The official parking permit for the Over The Hillers!

Item # MG-0007

Price: $3.00

Birthday Box

The Happy Birthday Box is a unique gag gift. This comes in a box and the box reads.. Happy Birthday and all that... When you open the box.. you can see what's inside.. That is made of rubber!

Item # LF-0010

Price: $2.50

Ugly Bag - Male

Heavy Duty- for extra ugly males!

Item # 41-0003

Price: $2.50

Diet Kit

A sure way to prevent overeating!

Item # JW-0047

Price: $5.00

Generic Toilet Paper

Generic Toilet Tissue for cheap a##holes! Makes a great gag gift. This is a regular everyday roll of toilet paper, with the packaging itself being the gag.

Item # LF-0267

Price: $3.00

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